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2 New Drake Songs Dropped, “God’s Plan” & “Diplomatic Immunity”


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Kim & Kanye Just Revealed The Name Of Baby West #3, And Um…

The Young, Black, and Fabulous®

 photo Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West-Family-Holiday-Photos-2017_zpsvthys1qo.jpg

Newborn Baby West‘s name was just revealed, and the internets are having a FIELD DAY.  All the deets inside…

Just days after announcing her birth via surrogacy, Kanye & Kim Kardashian West have revealed her name.  Introducing: Chicago West!

Well, that’s new.

Their oldest daughter North was named for the highest star in the universe and baby boy Saint was named for, well, it’s self-explanatory.

It’s unclear how The Wests decided on Chicago.  We’re not sure if they just watched Poetic Justice and got inspired (Thanks Joe Torry!), or if they want to redefine the stereotypical negativity attached to Kanye’s native city these days.  Maybe folks will start to associate something different with the city name "Chicago" when they see it, since Chicago West will surely dominate headlines just like the rest of her family.  We wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Ye wanted his baby to be named after what he feels is the best city on earth.

 photo spl1648264_012_zps6vm1rix5.jpg

What we can say is this may have been one of the blackest moves ‘Ye (pictured above leaving his L.A. office today) has made in a while.  So, salute. 

And for those of you who’ve been under a rock and never heard anyone refer to Chicago as "The Chi" (and never heard of the new Showtime series of the same name), leave it to Khloe K. to explain the pronunciation:


Naturally, the internets are on one:


And there’s this shade:


Well, if folks can name their kids Savannah, Jackson, Paris, Dallas, India, Alaska, London and countires/contininets like Asia, China, Malaysia and America, so be it.


Photo: Instagram/Splash


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Decade Dominance: This 80s Vs 90s Concert At Morehouse Is ‘Bout To Have The Aunties READY, Ya Heard? [Video]

Image via A-Listers Live

Battle Of The Decades Concert At Morehouse

If you’re in the Atlanta area and have an appreciation for the music that we were presented in the 80s and 90s we highly suggest you hit this “Battle of the Decades” concert at Morehouse that A-Listers Live CEO, Connie Mckendrick has cooked up.

Our folks at HelloBeautiful put us on and you never know, we might just make an appearance…

When’s the next time you’re gonna see all these acts on the same stage again? Probably never.

Cop you and your friends ticket HERE.


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Tracee Ellis Ross May Be Saying #TIMESUP To ‘black-ish’ Since She’s Paid Significantly LESS Than Co-Star Anthony Anderson

The Young, Black, and Fabulous®

 photo traceeblackish.jpg

Tracee Ellis Ross is taking a stand to help bridge the gender pay disparity gap. Reportedly. Get the deets on the star possibly backing away from the show and more inside…

“black-ish” star Anthony Anderson is reportedly getting paid way more money than Tracee Ellis Ross. No surprise there. It’s a known fact men make more money than women in this country even when she’s more qualified. Hollywood or not.

With the #TIMESUP movement making waves, shedding light on sexual harassment and gender pay disparity, the 45-year-old actress is ringing her own alarm.

The former “Girlfriends” star has reportedly threatened to cut back her appearance on “black-ish” after learning she’s getting paid significantly less than her co-star Anthony Anderson.

However, it’s noted that Anthony also executive produces the show as well, which could account for the uneven salaries. But her threatening to cut back appearing in episodes makes us wonder how big is this gap? Should Anthony be paid more since he’s also serves as executive producer? Possibly. But, Tracee feels it shouldn’t be a large difference being that her role is just as important as his.

As of 2014, Anthony’s salary was a reported $ 100K an episode while Tracee’s was a reported $ 80K an episode.  That’s likey changed by now, and the disparity may be greater based on the recent discussion Tracee had.  It’s unclear exactly how much either of the stars make at this time.

What’s more is that Tracee has won a Golden Globe for Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical TV Series last year. She made history too, becoming the first black woman to do so in 35 years. She has also been nominated twice for an EMMY award.

As for her co-star, Anthony has been nominated for several Golden Globes and EMMYs, but has not nabbed a win when it comes to those major awards…yet.

Tracee reportedly said she may opt to appear in far less episodes if her pay doesn’t increase.  That will free up her time to appear on another show and get extra compensation from there.

THR reports:

With negotiations for the fifth season ongoing, sources say Ellis Ross feels that if she isn’t brought up to Anderson’s level, she may opt to appear in fewer episodes to make up the disparity by guesting on another show. The tactic has split opinions within Time’s Up, with some worried that it’s more a retreat than a forward-looking solution (fitting in extra work isn’t always feasible, and often an actress wouldn’t earn as much guesting as she would as a network star). A network source says a new deal will significantly increase her compensation and cautioned that Anderson and Ellis Ross’ roles aren’t equal given that he has been attached to Black-ish from the start and is an executive producer. Still, until a few weeks ago, this type of candid conversation would never have taken place outside an actress’ agency.

It will be interesting to see how it all ends up playing out. And we’ll know for sure once season 5 of “black-ish” rolls around.


Photo: ABC


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‘Grown-ish’ Gets Early Season 2 Renewal! Yara & (Fine A**) Trevor Kick Off Freeform Summit + Taraji Lets Loose, Chrissy Teigen Bumps Into ‘LSB’ Michael Jackson Tribute

The Young, Black, and Fabulous®

 photo grownishLSB.jpg

“Grown-ish” just got the greenlight early for season 2 and the cast was busy at work at the Freeform Summit when the announcement was made. Get the latest, plus see how Taraji P. Henson, Chrissy Teigen and more paid tribute to Michael Jackson inside…


 photo FreeformSummitArrivalsGlCaiVIeapBl.jpg


“Grown-ish,” the super cool “black-ish” spinoff, will be back with another season after debuting just a few weeks ago (January 3rd).

It’s not even a total surprise that the show was given the greenlight for season 2 as it was the biggest comedy series debut for Freeform in the last 5 years. Not only that, the show had the best overall debut for the network in the last 2 years. AND it received the largest digital views (4.5 million) in Freeform history. And honestly, it’s just GOOD.  Woot!

So yes, we’ll be seeing more of pill-popping, boy-crazy, lesson-learning Zoey Johnson (played by Yara Shahidi) exploring what college life is all about.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sophomore season will be gifted with a total of 20 episodes, up from the 13 for the first-year run. Get those coins Yara!

By the way, she’s supposed to be taking a gap year before she heads off to Harvard.  But with the success of the show, we wonder if she’ll take more time off before she starts college in real life.

 photo FreeformSummitInside9PDuR5ufb-vl.jpg

Speaking of Yara, the 17-year-old, who celebrates a birthday next month, made her way to the inaugural Freeform Summit in Hollywood (pictured above and below). The conference featured panel discussions where topics like millennial dating and LGBTQ representation on screen were discussed.

Yara talked about how millennials are so multi-dimensional, stereotypes and the power of social media where people can tell their own stories.

"I was reading The Fire Next Time and the one thing that he says is, ‘Do you want to be integrated into a burning house?,’" Yara asked. "And what this group represents is a group of people who are dedicated to setting out fire and building a new infrastructure. I’m just so excited for you guys’ presence, for what we’ve done so far and what’s to come."

 photo FreeformSummitArrivalsi6vsIVOYs9Nl.jpg


A post shared by Trevor Jackson (@trevorjackson5) on

Yara’s co-star and on-screen crush Trevor Jackson came out for the event. That outfit is extra snug but he’s still a whole snack.

 photo FreeformSummitArrivalsNeNdt-xZf6El.jpg

"New Edition Story" star Keith Powers, who’s currently dating singer/"STAR" actress Ryan Destiny, made his way to event as he stars as Jason in the network’s "Famous In Love" series.  We love that one too.

 photo FreeformSummitInsideBQuekvA-Z4cl.jpg

Hey ladies! Singing sisters and Yara’s co-stars Chloe x Halle popped up at the event as they were tapped to hit the stage for a performance during the summit.

 photo FreeformSummitArrivalslh05XNCBUr2l.jpg

Gina Prince-Bythewood, who directed the pilot for Marvel’s upcoming "Cloak & Dagger" series on Freeform. She will also helm a Spiderman spinoff film titled Silver & Black. Werk! 

 photo FreeformSummitInsideVZJye7zB4Xsl.jpg

As expected, "black-ish" and ‘Grown-ish" creator Kenya Barris sat on a panel.

 photo FreeformSummitInsidemxph7ZpSfykl.jpg

Elaine Welteroth, who just parted ways with Teen VOGUE as the Editor-in-Chief, was also in the mix.

 photo FreeformSummitInsideisKDq1MMyhRl.jpg

After the panels, Chloe x Halle provided the musical entertainment. Fun times.

At another event…

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebrationC1HEPGJdaIGl.jpg

Bust a move Taraji!

Taraji P. Henson, whose new movie Proud Mary is in theaters, returned to “Lip Sync Battle” for a special celebration to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson to kick off its fourth season. The special broadcast, "Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration," aired live from Hollywood’s Dolby Theater.

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebrationtOCiKq6BOidl.jpg

The “Empire” star flexed her dance and lip syncing moves to MJ’s classic hit “Beat It,” trying her hardest to beat “Orange Is The New Black” star Laverne Cox, "Pitch Perfect" star Hailee Steinfield and Gone Girl actor Neil Patrick Harris.

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebrationmsLnBYp2XFLl.jpg

Hailee must had the moves because she took home the win after performing Michael Jackson’s, "The Way You Make Me Feel."

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebration4BG120tjeA6l.jpg

Meanwhile, color commentator Chrissy Teigen didn’t miss a beat as she danced it up with her pregnant belly.

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebrationKG_w3WHaiAcl.jpg

 photo CTeig4.jpg

And it was a total family affair! Her hubby/R&B singer John Legend and their daughter Luna Stephens also came out for the pop music fun.

On the carpet…

 photo CTeig2.jpg

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebrationolI0v1s9CaXl 1.jpg

The soon-to-be mom again was all smiles while flossing her growing belly in a black sparkly gown before she caught up with the show’s host LL Cool J for a laugh:

 photo ParamountNetwork1.jpg

 photo CTeig1.jpg

On SnapChat, she also gave fans a sneak peek as she got ready for the event.  Yep, she’s taped and cinched in for her life honey.

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebration2fZrv8ewoBSl.jpg

 photo LipSyncBattleLIVEMichaelJacksonCelebrationR-2KKMJIy2Ml.jpg

Taraji and Laverne also hit the carpet wearing all black, still standing in solidarity of the #TIMESUP movement.


Check out clips of Taraji and Laverne in action below:

Photos: Getty/Startraks/Chrissy’s Snap


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